Why This Blog?

Like I said on my About Me page, in the past ten years I have created events, rallies, Bible Studies, camps, conference, production teams and youth group environments. I have been in all almost every Christian youth culture possible and interned for the church and non-profit organizations. As I begin to leave the young adult demographic i consider myself having a good grasp on the heart and desire of my generation. My generation longs for a place to belong and to become a catalyst for all generations. They desire to have leaders build them to become leaders. Sadly, I see my generation stagnant and feeling hopeless. We were raised to believe we can shoot for the stars, but now the stars are so far from our grasp. Many of my generation are pursuing higher degrees of education as we wait for a job opening in our college degree, while some are mundanely pressing keys on the registers of retail stores and grocery shops. Most of us lived in dorms in college, but now reside back in our parents homes as we await a more-secure income. I think many would agree that we living in what can be called an extended edition of being a young adult. My hope for this blog is to bring hope and understanding to my generation and to inspire people to not latch on to fleeting movements, but to embrace a healthy, responsible and freeing lifestyle that will develop future generations.

Here’s my top five goals for this blog:

  1. Give you perspective on my generation through personal blogs and guest posts.
  2. Provide resources that can equip my generation and yours to become better.
  3. Inspire those who are hopeless to do things far greater than I could ever do.
  4. Encourage, encourage, encourage.
  5. Glorify God.

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