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Credit: Hannah Bradley

Credit: Hannah Bradley

My Name is Trent Hope and I reside in the good ole state of Georgia. Well, that is partially true. Most of the year I am traveling around the world meeting people, loving of my brothers and sisters and sharing the Gospel. God raised me in a great Christian home and community is at the heart of who I am. Growing up I met some amazing men and women who taught me what it is like to live a Christian life. I was a part of many great churches and as I grew older began to lead Bible studies, youth events, and run production for the churches I attended. Small groups and retreats helped form me into the man and leader I am today. I went to college to be a youth minister and productions major, but that was my plan. God pulled me back closer to home and I attended North Georgia University where I studied History and Sociology. I was able to intern with a great church which led me to my last job with BigStuf Summer Camps (www.bigstuf.com). For five amazing years I interned and worked with some of the best Christian pastors, leaders, speakers and musicians in the world. I ran the retail side of our summer camps and conference and lead 16 interns each summer as we invested in thousands of students each week. I miss the Georgia/Florida life, but I would not trade it for the calling God has put on my heart:

To create environments that allow people to feel loved and open to God’s calling on their lives.

Each year God makes my calling more clear. In September 2013 I left with the World Race and traveled across Asia, Europe and Africa with over 40 people for 11 months. I visited 20 countries in that time and saw how God was moving all over the globe. Halfway through the World Race I was raised up to a squad leader. I spent the last six months of the race investing in the lives of all my fellow squad members. During the year with World Race my mind became more assured on the calling God gave me. Here is what I know:

I LOVE people
I LOVE community
I LOVE fellowship
I LOVE learning and growing together
I LOVE traveling the world

I am called to make disciples. My goal is to help those I lead to see themselves as God sees them and to help them discover the gifts and calling God has placed in their heart.

I pray you can join me as God continues to form me into the man and leader he has called me to be.

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  1. cani just say i loved getting to read this. trent hope you are a wonderful brother and friend to have! you have a heart that is meant for so much more. i cannot wait to see how you change the world!
    gosh! i envy you and your opportunities!
    love you brother.
    i am so proud of you

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog and learning more about Kenya. We are going to the same area with 410 Bridge in about a month. It was great to get a little more acquainted with the area and some of your experiences before we go.
    God Bless you!!!

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