Trent Hope

Birthday Love!

Today was my birthday!! Wooo-oooo! I am not one to extend my birthday for a week (unlike my other sibling! haha). It’s not a bad thing, but it just isn’t me. I actually worked today. Yeah… a full 8 hour shift. I am trying to get all the dough I can to support myself this summer.

But it was nice to come home to a rib roast, green beans, potatoes, my grandmothers veggie stuff, and cheese dip. 🙂 It is good to have a night off of giving and just allow myself to receive.

I had a blast with the family and got some neat clothes and such and then had a nice cheesecake! Now it is back to work on exams and getting ready for my internship.



Hey guys!
What’s up! Not much updates from me lately and it is because of my work schedule, church stuff, and all the homework….mainly my 20 page research paper. Ouch, right?! For those of you who have already given to me, I have gotten information of your support and cannot thank you enough and you should defiantly be hearing from me within the next 7-8 days. I am blown away by all the support I have raised for my BigStuf internship (70% of $2,600), and know that 70% will be soon 100% by the grace of God. Speaking of which, I really need prayers and so does my whole team and the staff at BigStuf. We are stressed to our limits at the moment and we have so much in the coming weeks (About 5 till my internship starts!!!!!). Please be in prayer for us students as we get ready for exams in two weeks. Please be in prayer for the staff as they get all the final adjustments for our Kenya trip, training, set up in Panama City, all the store supplies, all the production equipment ($100s of thousands worth), the band, the speakers, the hotel and staff (many international hotel staff to reach out to), the students we will be impacting, the children in Kenya that will be sponsored through students and Compassion International.

Our hearts are heavy, burdened, and conflicted right now as we get ready for the summer. Please pray for us.
– Trent

Doors tend to open in my face, not close.

Long title, yes…I know. But after writing and revising a billion times my last post, I have seen my heart eased and God show up in instances I need him. With the exception of the nightmare I had last night about Nike retail…the store never closed and people kept on checking out and complaining. Believe me, if you have worked retail you would understand why I woke up with an anxiety attack. Worst nightmare EVER!
But, back on track, I know there is a God, and so do all people who follow a religion or belief. I know Jesus is my hero and that he does something that all other religions and gods can’t do. He asks me for nothing in return for just my love and trust in Him. I can’t earn and don’t deserve anything from Him. He calls me to just love. And this is where Christianity fails miserably. This is why people who are not religious or once were despise Christians so much. We forget that God takes us where we are at (read my last post). He takes us where we are at, whether we are the worst hypocrites or the perfect Biblethumper. Since he can take and love such a screw-up like me, why do Christians feel the need to limit and exclude so many people due to race, sex, belief, and sexuality. Why can’t we be like Jesus and love others unconditionally. We are not called to change people, we are called to love and let God do the change. God knows everyone the best and He knows the best timing…we don’t. We are screw-ups, right??? (more…)

Honesty is A Serial Killer

So I sent out a bunch of Thank You Cards today. I start off saying I will only write three or four, because, honestly, writing them is a killer…three hours today…mostly on facebook and I only wrote 12..HAHA. . However, I got a good chunk out of the way today…

$2,600 is thankfully significantly less than my Journey internship ($3,600), but raising it is no easier. I’ve found out so far that it is the people I least expect that have given me the most…. We are less than 47 days out from our Journey internship…about a month and two weeks you guys!…some people might have already raised the req. amount (there was a girl in the Journey program that raised almost $10,000 or $6,400 more than req.). Then there is the rest of us that struggle….and I mean struggle to raise the $2,600. And then there are other costs: passports, immunizations, gas, clothes, toiletries, food, entertainment. These definitely take out about another $1,000 to survive the summer. What do we do…what happens? (more…)