Panama City

BigStuf is now 3 weeks away!

Hello everyone!
My BigStuf internship is now only 3 weeks away! 21 Days! I am so excited and ready for it to get here. I check, facebook, my email, and blog for updates almost twice a day. I have been blown away by your support and am so thankful for all everyone has done. I have not raised all my money yet for BigStuf and could aways use your financial and/or support through prayer. If you haven’t read my support letter, check it out below ( and if you have skip on past it): (more…)


Experience Kenya

Experience Kenya

Training yesterday was long, but good. Joey and Suzanne did the best job fully explaining the culture of Kenya and what all we will and could experience. I am so excited about all the possibilities. After three hours of training it was lunch time. The food at Camp Highland is surprisingly better than BigStuf’s summer camp in Panama City [little did I know that I would be interning at that camp in summer 2009]. After lunch we played a little frisbee and football, and then it was time for more training. We did a team building exercise where we got in a circle and tossed a ball, a thing of glue, and a frisbee around at three different people. Each element made it more difficult and challenging. After that it was off to do the low ropes course. It was defiantly a blast ridding the hummer-like military vehicle all through the mountainside. (more…)