Paul Peterson is the Man!

Can I just say how much I love Paul Peterson? I wish I had got to hang out with him more when he was church planter resident at Mountain Lake. Why do I love him so much? Because his is different than so many pastors I know. He is real, down-to-earth, not ignorant, and is for everyone. He unvieled the dirty side of our faith with this simple post:


Now whether you like Obama or not. Think deeply about your actions when reading his post, and all the comments.

It’s sad.

No wonder Christians and the Church are such turn offs. We are ignorant selfish jerks that think God is Republican, Blesses America, and gets Michael W. Smith to play at his parties.

🙂 Okay…a little sarcasm there. But a little bit of truth.

Louie, I needed our weekly Starbucks chat this morning Sooo bad. I have some pain killers for the hand if you need em…(illegally though).

– Trent

Obama now a Secret Agent Man!

The fun stuff for Obama begins. Today he was briefed on all the top secret stuff that the Pres knows, like where they think Osama is. So Obama now knows just as much as Bush knows. Pretty cool day for Obama I presume. 🙂
Check out the video from MSNBC: