LOST: On Location – “Byodo-In Temple”

Here is the first LOST location from our Hawaii Christmas adventure.

The Byodo-In Temple is located on the Winward side of Oahu close to Kane’ohe Bay, where we stayed with my cousin.

Taken from Virtuallosttour.com:

Inside the temple is Amida, at over 18 feet the largest wooden Buddha carved in nearly a thousand years and after carving was covered with cloth, painted with gold lacquer, and finished with gold leaf. The temple also features a three ton brass Peace Bell, and a koi pond.

So the location is used for Sun and Jin’s home, I believe. It is where we see that Jin (a waiter) is in love with Sun (heiress to a huge company thanks to her father). So check out the proof below:

Notice where they are and then see where Emily and I are.