BigStuf is now 3 weeks away!

Hello everyone!
My BigStuf internship is now only 3 weeks away! 21 Days! I am so excited and ready for it to get here. I check, facebook, my email, and blog for updates almost twice a day. I have been blown away by your support and am so thankful for all everyone has done. I have not raised all my money yet for BigStuf and could aways use your financial and/or support through prayer. If you haven’t read my support letter, check it out below ( and if you have skip on past it): (more…)


Experience Kenya!

Experience Kenya!

I slept good again. I went down early and saw Matt already chatting away with the staff. So I headed back upstairs to work on my journal. 40 min. later it was time for breakfast. Breakfast was the same. They give us the choice of Passion juice, coffee, tea, or milk and water. All are good. After breakfast we went to the fourth floor (which is really they 6th floor). Today was the first day we went int there. It’s a conference room, as well as a gym (bad equipment and floor). We didn’t see the other room. All morning we practiced skits, Bible stories, songs, etc. We were all sweating and tired by the time we were done. After a quick round of Ninja it was time for lunch. We ran! (more…)

Honesty is A Serial Killer

So I sent out a bunch of Thank You Cards today. I start off saying I will only write three or four, because, honestly, writing them is a killer…three hours today…mostly on facebook and I only wrote 12..HAHA. . However, I got a good chunk out of the way today…

$2,600 is thankfully significantly less than my Journey internship ($3,600), but raising it is no easier. I’ve found out so far that it is the people I least expect that have given me the most…. We are less than 47 days out from our Journey internship…about a month and two weeks you guys!…some people might have already raised the req. amount (there was a girl in the Journey program that raised almost $10,000 or $6,400 more than req.). Then there is the rest of us that struggle….and I mean struggle to raise the $2,600. And then there are other costs: passports, immunizations, gas, clothes, toiletries, food, entertainment. These definitely take out about another $1,000 to survive the summer. What do we do…what happens? (more…)


Experience Kenya!

Experience Kenya!

Amsterdam yesterday was awesome! We chilled in the airport for awhile before it was time to board. There was a McDonalds that had nothing really out of the ordinary other than calling medium Big-Macs. Hmm…..figure that out. So we all chilled, went through security AGAIN, and chilled some more. We were using the same airline and this time it was a bigger and less crowded plane, so I got a whole row to myself. After some ginger ale after a nice take-off, I enjoyed the landscape. They had power wind mills and tons of green land and rivers. Lunch was a nice spicy Tsau Chicken with rice and veggies, noodle salad and desert. Soon as we went from the Netherlands to Germany and onwards the Alps began to rise. (more…)