Joey Johnson


Experience Kenya!

Experience Kenya!

Boy did I sleep good! There was one mosquito that came in my room. I quickly got up and Travis R. came to make sure I was ready. Joey double-checked each room. We all went down for breakfast and afterwords went to get ready for church. Travis and a few guys hung out in my room for awhile and then we all walked out to the balcony. There was a greyhound on the left side of the road, and all of the sudden we see goats being pulled out from under the greyhound. Only one was thrown to the side of the road because it was dead. Then another was pulled and thrown. In no time, both were gone. The driver of our bus showed up and the guys went down to meet him. We were there by ourselves for awhile until Suzanne came. The bus could only fit 11 of us, so it took us two trips to get there. I was in the second round. We to to Antioch and we just went in and sat down as a guy was preaching. He preached for quite awhile. Soon he was done as the bell rand and women and children flooded in [Sunday school was over]. I went and sat with 3-4 boys and as we sang songs and prayed, two came and I let one of them sit on my lap. The kids were great. One of the pastors called Suzanne up and she introduced all of us. After a few more songs, two pastors came up. One spoke in English while the other translated in Kikuyu. That lasted FOREVER (an hour at least). Finally, possibly after three hours there [no lie.], it was time to go to lunch with “Mama” and “Papa” two missionaries who have lived here for 52 years. They are both 89, I believe. So they and many other leaders joined us. (more…)


Experience Kenya!

Experience Kenya!

I awoke after the best nights sleep after leaving from home. I laid in bed for awhile after journaling. My room was the size of a dorm room cut in half. Outside my window I could hear the rush of cars on the busy Nairobi streets. People began to rustle in the outside halls as I could hear talking, some showers, and maybe a flush or two. Each room’s ventilation went through the bathroom, so you could hear everything. Everyone began to meet in th halls and chat. As a group began to form we went down to breakfast, we didn’t know what to expect, so we were quite suprised to find hard-boiled eggs, eggs, bread, sausage, corn flakes, and these wheat chunks. When you poured milk over the wheat chunks it expanded. I drank hot water and milk. Everything was good. After we were done we had an hour or so to pack. I was pretty much ready to go so we all started to talk in the halls. Matt and I got into a conversation about Jesus being a Jewish rabbi and all the stuff that went along with that. It was a nice conversation about Rob Bell too. Soon we started to take all of our luggage downstairs. We started to talk with the security guard. After awhile we heard music from the basement. A group of us went down there and listened and joined in. There we four short-term missionaries (3 boys and one girl) and a student from the University of Nairobi. I can still remember a few words, “God is good all the time, all the time He is good.” We got all of our luggage as Joey made us leave (haha). (more…)


We awoke in a hurry to all get down to have breakfast together and then go over the morning’s plan. After a quick briefing we ran up to finalize our packing and go back down for a sports, music, and drama meeting. We all had fun singing, dancing and acting. We split into three groups and began to plan skits and songs. I was in Mary, Amber, and Laura’s group where we did a motion drama that was very serious. After 40 minutes of training and practice we ran and got our bags and began to load uo my trucks and a few cars to take to the North American Mission Board where our shuttle to the airport would pick us up.

We ended up having to wait quite awhile for the shuttles to pick us up and get us a-movin’. We made an assembly line and did a great job basically loading up all our stuff on one shuttle and had the other two quite free. Our shuttle was driven by Amen [not quite shure that is how you spell it] who is from Ethiopia. Amy seemed to have a blast with him (and I think he was hitting on her a little). (more…)

T.I.A. Documentary Teaser #2

Above is from the Pan African Girls school in Karatina, KE. Suzanne taught us this dance called “O Le Le Tiki Tonga.” I really don’t know if that is how you spell it, but the words don’t mean anything. It is a fun little dance that everyone enjoyed and as you can see, we got the infamous Joey Johnson doing it.

– Trent