The Startling Truth About Binge-Watching Your Favorite Shows

I remember when the word “binge” was associated with drinking and eating. It usually referred to signs of stupidity, depression, are just a lack of care about one’s self. But now these days the word neutrally associated with watching multiple episodes or even seasons of a tv show in one sitting. A few years back, before Netflix allowed you to stream movies and shows, I remember running to the nearest Target or Walmart and buying the next season of 24. My family and I would spend a designated weekend engrossed in Jack Bauer’s latest adventure. These days, I can save my $20-$40 for a season of a show and watch almost any anything I want for around $8 a month. Now it is a nightly ritual for most people to fall asleep not to their tv, but to a few episodes of Netflix. Find an episode especially thrilling or left with a cliffhanger and you can keep on going until you look at the time and find it is almost 3am and you’ve got work in the morning.  (more…)

40 Days: Look At Yourself

So, going into this fast/detox my hope was from the start to have this sort of supernatural phone conversation with God; like this no meat and dairy think could somehow rekindle any distance between him and I. But what I have found is there are different parts to a fast, and it is part mental and part spiritual. (more…)