The Pursuit of Your Passion Requires Momentum


If there is one thing I have noticed about my generation, it is that many of us have our heads in books, podcasts, and videos on growth, self-help, and leadership. I am guilty of being one of those people. There was a time that I was reading book after book on self-improvement and how to be a better leader and listener. However, it was not until I took by head out of the books and put the words into motion that I started to grow in the areas that I was most passionate about.

I have learned in the past year that there is nothing to fear about trying what you love doing the most. Whatever it may be, playing guitar, public speaking, writing, singing, leading and more. I decided to put myself out there and risk humiliation and failure. I tried at spoken word, sermons, soccer (where everyone in the world seems to know how to play except Americans), leading, writing, cooking and construction. Along the way there were definitely times of failure and embarrassment, but out of those brief moments came a stronger and wiser me.

Seth Barnes says in his book, Kingdom Journeys,

“Discovering your calling is like riding a bicycle. You have to get it moving to steer it. If the bike isn’t moving, when you turn the handles and lean your weight into a turn, you won’t change directions, you’ll just fall over. In fact, you can only turn a bike when it is moving.”

In the past year my bicycle was leaving a fantastic job and the American life and traveling the world working at non-profits, religious organizations and churches. In the process I discovered some passions I had hidden deep down inside of me. Sometimes I did fall of my bike, sometimes I took a detour and went down a wrong road, but my bicycle quickly corrected itself and continued down the path of the pursuit of what I am passionate about (Check out my About Me page for more about my passions in life). Is your bike in motion? Don’t be afraid to start peddling, the rocks, scrapes and flat tires along the way will only define and shape your future.


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