Drive Conference

Orange Dr.

So the past two weeks I have been very lucky to work at two different conferences with BigStuf. The first one was Orange Conference. Orange is by Reggie Joiner of ReThink. Reggie hosted the whole shebang with Lanny as sidekick. It was held at the Gwinnett Arena, which was also where Catalyst is held in the fall. The difference between Catalyst and Orange is that Orange has a more intimate feel too it. Whereas Catalyst is just so dagum HUGE. Don’t get me wrong, Orange was about 4,000 people I believe, but they were spread out over the arena and the conference center. Out booth was pretty awesome (pictures to be added soon). It took about 2 hours to build and was hands-down the best booth there. The walls we used as backing was basically steel sheeting molded to a wavy wooden frame. When we took some COLORados and shined them up on the walls it created a pretty cool illusion. The walls are actually pretty light and stackable. You could easily carry four or more at a time. (more…)