How To Make Change Fun Using Daily Lists and Habits

If it is one thing that millions don’t like hearing, it is “be patient” or “it’s gonna take a little while.” We don’t like being told that, we like things here and now and instantly. Think about it, we live in a world now where Amazon delivers the same day, movies and television shows that premiere on your TV and not in a theater. It is not a bad thing or is necessarily our fault that we now seek instant results or gratification.  But one thing I have started to learn after a few years of trying to develop some healthy habits is that the good things in life take time to accomplish. You know the saying that you can’t build Rome in a day? Well, the same is true for changing your current circumstances. There is no instant solution for having everything you want in life. However, there are fun and satisfying ways to track change, and that is through monitoring your daily habits or routines. (more…)