A Late 5 Year Celebration

Happy 5th Anniversary!

It has been over five years since I began blogging. Probably the most faithful time to blogging I had was in 2005, and on Feb. 8th, 2005 I posted my first ever blog post on a fowarded email I recieved. Much has changed since I was 17 years old, and I find it quite funny and fitting at the same time of the subject of my post:

My faith was on fire then. God did a whole LOT during my senior year in high school.

– I organized and executed a student rally at my church

– I was chaplain for Y-Club over (practically) the whole northern area of Georgia

– I was Yearbook editor

– I lead of coffee Bible study

– I did production and directed retreats for the student ministry

– I experienced BigStuf for the first time/ rebaptised

So it was a milestone year for me and while my faith was about to be matured and tested in college, for where I was, I was in my prime. Haha!

So kudos to five years and here is to the five more to come!

– Trent

Birthday Love!

Today was my birthday!! Wooo-oooo! I am not one to extend my birthday for a week (unlike my other sibling! haha). It’s not a bad thing, but it just isn’t me. I actually worked today. Yeah… a full 8 hour shift. I am trying to get all the dough I can to support myself this summer.

But it was nice to come home to a rib roast, green beans, potatoes, my grandmothers veggie stuff, and cheese dip. 🙂 It is good to have a night off of giving and just allow myself to receive.

I had a blast with the family and got some neat clothes and such and then had a nice cheesecake! Now it is back to work on exams and getting ready for my internship.