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Haiti Bound


So, before I got the internship for BigStuf this summer, I knew that we were not going to Kenya…I was a little bummed. But, I knew that God had placed the opportunity to do the summer camps a second time. Why would I turn it down? Like I have said in previous blogs, God is really pushing me to trust Him. I don’t know why I have had such a hard time doing that. Maybe because I feel like there were many opportunities in the past for me to take control, fix things, or help out with and no one would trust me or give me a chance to show what I can do. To be quite frank, that has been a struggle for me for the past few years… people trusting in the youth. The youth are rising generation that will soon take the place of today’s adults. Why not trust them, give them opportunity, allow them to see their strengths and weaknesses. But…that is a whole other blog post…

So I decided to trust God and go with the camp internship again. Not going to Kenya provided a new and challenging experience. If we were going to promote 410 and Compassion this summer, my experiences in Kenya would prove vital to helping students and adults understand the dire need of the Kenyans. But BigStuf was moving away from Compassion and towards promoting 410 Bridge and their child sponsorship program called BrightPoint. So there was a lot of new things I would experience this summer. Before they took their interns to Kenya and Tanzania, they did a Mystery Tour where the interns would spend a day serving, learning, having fun and each night would travel to a new location… so this was where I think our summer pre-camp experience was heading… then Haiti suddenly flooded our lives. (more…)


Hey guys!
What’s up! Not much updates from me lately and it is because of my work schedule, church stuff, and all the homework….mainly my 20 page research paper. Ouch, right?! For those of you who have already given to me, I have gotten information of your support and cannot thank you enough and you should defiantly be hearing from me within the next 7-8 days. I am blown away by all the support I have raised for my BigStuf internship (70% of $2,600), and know that 70% will be soon 100% by the grace of God. Speaking of which, I really need prayers and so does my whole team and the staff at BigStuf. We are stressed to our limits at the moment and we have so much in the coming weeks (About 5 till my internship starts!!!!!). Please be in prayer for us students as we get ready for exams in two weeks. Please be in prayer for the staff as they get all the final adjustments for our Kenya trip, training, set up in Panama City, all the store supplies, all the production equipment ($100s of thousands worth), the band, the speakers, the hotel and staff (many international hotel staff to reach out to), the students we will be impacting, the children in Kenya that will be sponsored through students and Compassion International.

Our hearts are heavy, burdened, and conflicted right now as we get ready for the summer. Please pray for us.
– Trent


Experience Kenya!

Experience Kenya!

So we woke up again at the break of dawn. Not to a crow again though [little did I know that there were crows in Kenya too! We quickly got our stuff together and ran down to get breakfast all together. After that we went up to Suzanne’s cabin and had a time of prayer and worship. We then followed with quiet time. That was when it started to rain and we rushed to get our luggage already waiting by the vehicles. (more…)


Experience Kenya

Experience Kenya

Training yesterday was long, but good. Joey and Suzanne did the best job fully explaining the culture of Kenya and what all we will and could experience. I am so excited about all the possibilities. After three hours of training it was lunch time. The food at Camp Highland is surprisingly better than BigStuf’s summer camp in Panama City [little did I know that I would be interning at that camp in summer 2009]. After lunch we played a little frisbee and football, and then it was time for more training. We did a team building exercise where we got in a circle and tossed a ball, a thing of glue, and a frisbee around at three different people. Each element made it more difficult and challenging. After that it was off to do the low ropes course. It was defiantly a blast ridding the hummer-like military vehicle all through the mountainside. (more…)