Experience Kenya!

Experience Kenya!

Amsterdam yesterday was awesome! We chilled in the airport for awhile before it was time to board. There was a McDonalds that had nothing really out of the ordinary other than calling medium Big-Macs. Hmm…..figure that out. So we all chilled, went through security AGAIN, and chilled some more. We were using the same airline and this time it was a bigger and less crowded plane, so I got a whole row to myself. After some ginger ale after a nice take-off, I enjoyed the landscape. They had power wind mills and tons of green land and rivers. Lunch was a nice spicy Tsau Chicken with rice and veggies, noodle salad and desert. Soon as we went from the Netherlands to Germany and onwards the Alps began to rise. (more…)


We awoke in a hurry to all get down to have breakfast together and then go over the morning’s plan. After a quick briefing we ran up to finalize our packing and go back down for a sports, music, and drama meeting. We all had fun singing, dancing and acting. We split into three groups and began to plan skits and songs. I was in Mary, Amber, and Laura’s group where we did a motion drama that was very serious. After 40 minutes of training and practice we ran and got our bags and began to load uo my trucks and a few cars to take to the North American Mission Board where our shuttle to the airport would pick us up.

We ended up having to wait quite awhile for the shuttles to pick us up and get us a-movin’. We made an assembly line and did a great job basically loading up all our stuff on one shuttle and had the other two quite free. Our shuttle was driven by Amen [not quite shure that is how you spell it] who is from Ethiopia. Amy seemed to have a blast with him (and I think he was hitting on her a little). (more…)