The Risk Hangover Pt. II

Pt II. The Lack of Risk

Previously I talked about my generation (Generation Y, Millennials, Generation Me) and how they have never really have had to risk much to get what they want. Then I mentioned about military enrollment for the Millennials and how it is on the decline. I finally ended with non-profits and dangerously linked them with why self-esteem issues are on the rise. But before we jump into part two, can I be honest? In hindsight, part one of this blog series was sloppy and not the best written blog I have ever done. But, let me make it up to you by answering all the big ideas I proposed in the first part. In one word, the problem is risk. (more…)


The Risk Hangover Pt I.

Part I. We’ve Reached For The Stars . . . Now What?

Ride the ski-lift to the top and you will feel it. Lock yourself into the roller coaster car and you will feel it. Walk up to the podium and adjust the microphone and you will feel it. It is the feeling of “what did I just get myself into”? Add in a few PG expletives as beads of sweat trickle down your forehead and you have some of the many moments I have had in the months following my application and acceptance to become a full-time missionary with The World Race.
First off, I am a member of Generation Y, or now more commonly referred to as  “Millennials.” I was a part of the group where our schools proudly exclaimed “Reach for the Stars,” and where you always ended up with a prize or reward no matter the effort or lack there of. I was a part of counseling programs that focused on self-improvement. In fact, most all of my education I was taught only about the betterment of my self and rarely about sacrifice and giving to others. Stepping out of your comfort zone was giving a project presentation in front of the class, which to some is the equivalent of death. You would think the risks would get greater over time, and in some ways they do, but self-comfort has always come first. (more…)