Finding My Voice

Screenshot 2014-12-09 19.11.54


That is what I want you to feel as you see my first blog in quite awhile. I can hear it now,

Yay, Trent. You’re our hero!

Screams are going on in the background. A parade walks by. News anchors crowd at my front door,

Today a young man has found his way home to his keyboard and computer screen. After an absence from American life and living over a year traveling the world, Trent Hope has finally found his voice again.

No sweat. No biggie. I’m back and ready for a new chapter. Besides, I need something to talk about at my 10 year high school reunion this year. Here’s my battle cry:

To create environments that allow people to feel loved and open to God’s calling on their lives.

I LOVE people
I LOVE community
I LOVE fellowship
I LOVE learning and growing together
I LOVE traveling the world

I am called to make disciples. My goal is to help those I lead to see themselves as God sees them and to help them discover the gifts and calling God has placed in their heart.

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