How to Leave Ordinary And Become Extraordinary – Part Two

Part Two: Going All In

In my previous post I talked about how culture affects who we are and who the church is. I ended my post talking about how I had to make the most important decision of my life, stepping away from the influence of culture and into the influence of a mighty God. The only thing that separated me from a life of faith, trust, risk and obedience was one more step, the step of giving the first donation to my year of missions myself.

Flash back to this past September. As I sat in front of my computer screen, my heart began to pace faster and my tongue felt dry. “Just do it, Trent”, I said in my head, “what do you have left to lose? You will be okay. You are young. You have so much ahead of you.” I looked back at my past few years and saw all the blessings and good things that came my way. But I began to look forward and see what all God was ready to give me if only I was willing. The donation page for my World Race trip was opened and ready for my information.

“What about your job? What about your loans? What about your 401k? What about your house? What about finding a woman and settling down?” These thoughts popped in and out of my head as my shaky hand headed for my wallet. “Trust Him, Trent. Trust that God knows what he is doing and that no matter what happens he will provide for you.”

Oh this feeling. The anxiety and rush of emotions was something we don’t feel to often these days in America. Risk? What’s that? Trust? Who needs it? Faith? When did I last use it? My world was so bland. My world was so gray and my life was ready for color and adventure. No more rainy days. No more muffled sounds. I needed life to abundance and love to the fullest.

“Do it. Do it Trent. Go all in!”

My hands began to type in all my credit card information and before I knew it I was at the final submit button. I looked down, wide-eyed and mouth slightly ajar. My finger twitched as it hovered over the “enter” button. “I’ve got you, boy.” I blinked. God whispered. I took a gulp and clicked the mouse.

It is finished.

I sat back in the chair, hands covering my face. What had I gotten myself into? What was going to happen? Where do I go from here? I had no idea. But one thing I knew for sure. I had never felt so alive. I was diving in. I was letting go. But I had no idea how much I was about to really give up. I had been obedient, but God was asking for more.

Part Three: This Week!

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