The Risk Hangover Pt. II

Pt II. The Lack of Risk

Previously I talked about my generation (Generation Y, Millennials, Generation Me) and how they have never really have had to risk much to get what they want. Then I mentioned about military enrollment for the Millennials and how it is on the decline. I finally ended with non-profits and dangerously linked them with why self-esteem issues are on the rise. But before we jump into part two, can I be honest? In hindsight, part one of this blog series was sloppy and not the best written blog I have ever done. But, let me make it up to you by answering all the big ideas I proposed in the first part. In one word, the problem is risk.

“Risk” is a horrible, terrible word for our generation. It is scary and requires much of us. What are some of the biggest risks you have ever taken? Do you consider these to be big risks?

  • Mustering up the courage to order a meal from the drive-thru instead of ordering at the counter?
  • Deciding whether to order that shirt from now or wait till the flash sale is almost over
  • Not pre-ordering the latest video game to find at release time that it is sold out for the next month
  • Requesting to be a friend with an old acquaintance on Facebook or Twitter
  • Switching from an iPad to a Kindle tablet

What comes to your mind when you see this list? You are probably thinking, “Trent, you are joking, are these really risks?” To the Millinneals, they are crucial and life-altering decisions. Let me also remind you that people in their 30s are considered a part of the Millennial generation. So then, if those things listed in the list above are not really risks, what are some real examples? Check this out:

  • Deciding to pass up college and join the military
  • Flying to Colorado to meet with three companies you set up meetings with to show off your portfolio 
  • Moving across the globe to pray for the sick, be a mom to a dozen orphaned girls, teach English in a Muslim country, and rebuilding communities by empowering their people
  • Joining a small group at a church or local community group at the library or rec center
  •  Starting a small business

Would you consider those actual risks? I would! But most Millennials have not had the chance to have those sort of risks. Earlier this year a study was published that stated that Millennials are the most stressed generation ever. We know that college is not the major culprit, because the average age for Millennials is the mid-twenties. The study shows that work and money are the biggest stressors, with economy also being in the top. Millennials are stressed, jobless, and depressed. They are stagnant. They are searching for something to give them meaning, excitement, hope, adventure and a future.

In the next part of The Risk Hangover series, I will talk about a way Millennials can experience risk and how it is through a Christian organization called “The World Race”. It is one of the best examples of how empowering Millennials will change their future and our world.  The next part is, in my opinion, the most important blog in this series. It is the reason why I even wrote about risk in the first place. It is also the worst hangover I have ever experienced.


Recommended Reading:
Generation iY by Tim Elmore
Generation Me by Jean Twenge
Kisses From Katie by Katie J. Davis


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