My Oh My The Mind

You know those days when you are sitting in class.

The clock is ticking slowly.

You note every tick-tock tick-tock.

The teacher’s voice becomes mumbles.

The board and your book become blurry.

The world becomes a bland and pale hue.

Then the walls explode and there is a black void.

Stars appear and the air becomes so clear and crisp.

You realize that you are no longer in the classroom.

But escaping away into your imagination.

Now you have something more entertaining to look at then all those ceiling tiles.

You’ve counted them far too many times.

Your mind beckons.

Don’t forget your first love.

Adventure. Fantasy. Romance. Courage. Fear. Pain.

Without those, a teacher can only give you so much.

With those, a teach can help illuminate you to the world of academia.

No longer is history bound to a page.

No longer are there just numbers and fractions.

They become life and breathable.

The world awakens.

It’s yours for the taking.

When imagination intersects with reality.

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