Join The One Percent

Sometimes I wonder why the reason why we love movies and sitcoms so much is because we don’t feel like we are a part of anything. But there are a few people who cannot complain, the one percent. These people are those who we least expect to know what it means to be alive. Granted, they have experienced far more than we have, but have gained the whole world. I am talking about those who have had cancer, been in an accident, lost someone very close, or have experienced any horror or extreme stress that most never had. When something like this happens to us, it become so much easier to see life as it is. Short.

When the veil finally falls and we see reality, contemplating eternity and the possibility of Intelligent Design becomes something one greatly considers. Am I saying that the other 99% won’t reach this without some act of horror occuring? No. What I am saying is that the 1%, while they may feel cursed, think with so much more clairty because the average everyday comforts just do not fullfill.

Maybe I am watching to many movies. I admit that I watched the Matrix again last night. You know, the whole, we are really all asleep theory . . . But what if Morpheus is right? Why is there that little feeling in the back of all of our minds that there is something not right in the world. We are missing out on something. Nothing is fullfilling that feeling.

What if we joined the 1% and headed towards 100% of becoming a humanity that comes alive to the reality of a God who is powerful and loving and smart and proud of us? What if we just gave in and gathered up the Scriptures and give heed to our ancestors? Lets brush of the dust of materialism and embrace eternity.

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