Leaving American Christianity . . .

How many times have you thought about giving up on American Christianity? Like the rest of American culture, does it seem at times to be too watered down or cliché? Sometimes it just feels like another check on the list of attaining the American dream. You look back with a family, a house, a dog, and find that you are still empty. American Christianity failed you.

If you are like most of America, you are following some denomination of Christianity in America. In fact, you have always been a Christian. You never really had the choice. It was tradition. But now you have had the independence and time to think about it and you realize the foundations of your faith have been built on sand. Maybe you realized that maybe you never really were a Christian. Things are beginning to crumble and the religion you have created is just not working. There seems to be so much pain, hate, judgement and heartache. Nothing you do seems to make life any better and it seems like comtentment is always an arm’s length away. Welcome to the religion of American Christianity.

Millions of Americans are following their own denomination of American Christianity and they do not even know it. Their god is small and is at the control of a flawed human being. Their god never interferes, is there to scream at when life goes wrong, and is given most of the praise when things go right. Best of all, their god will give them what they want, when they want.

Now, do not get me wrong. I feel most of the time I lean towards an American Christian, a religion that is all about chasing the American dream. But I believe the God of Christianity is saving me from my own self every day. He is showing me that my man-made religion has no logic, heart and joy in it. When I submit and absorb His love, his grace, and his wisdom, everything falls into place. He invites me to look into the past, into the history of the world and see how he shaped everything and how historical evidence proves that He knows what is true and good.

When we begin to let go of our own religion and seek a relationship with Him we will discover everything we have been looking for. Finding hope, joy, peace, wisdom and love is not easy. It will require much reading of scripture and further research on ancient history. But we have been fools to think that live is easy, that eternity is in our hands, and that history is dumb. Out of our past came our redemption and this should make leaving our easy, man-made religions all the more important.

Leaving American Christianity will require you do leave your comfort zone. I am not talking about a mission trip or volunteering in a ministry. I am talking about going against every urge in your body to live for your self. I am talking about using more than just your Bible to discover God. Finding a Biblical dictionary, commentaries and history books is just the beginning. You will need to pray, journal and seek others for further revelation. As a result you will see faith really come to life and the American dream turn into God’s desire for your life. Best of all, you will be released of creating your own legacy and allow God to write the greatest story of all with you playing a major part in it. Leave the religion of American Christianity and discover real life with Christ.

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