Thoughts on Those Against Invisible Children and Kony 2012 Pt. II

I never meant to write another part to last night’s post, but I just felt the need to on the way home. A few things have come up since my last post that I felt deserved a look. First, I am amazed at how ignorant and “quick-lipped” many of us are. Today my great-uncle said that he is worried for my generation and the ones to come in how we take what we hear as truth without investigating. I had a friend today that seemed almost happy that Jason Russell, co-founder of Invisible Children, had a meltdown yesterday. Who are we? Why are we allowing an amazing thing that is happening to be destroyed by people who enjoy seeing others fail?

I am not really a follower of the whole Kony 2012 movement. I have not even watched the documentary. Regardless, I know that Invisible Children is doing great things and bringing awareness to the atrocities committed by people like Joseph Kony. When it is blatant that someone innocent is being attacked, I have to act. Jason Russell is being attacked and it is not fair.

Can you imagine how exhausted he must be? Today his wife released a statement that says how Russell and Invisible Children never expected Kony 2012 to get over 100 million views, even 100 thousand views. Since it became viral, their world has been turned upside down. News stations, journalists, and more are constantly bombarding all the staff and their families. Critics, protestors and more are threatening them and causing much stress and danger. Russell and staff are working at all hours of the day to combat negative press and push out new updates and videos on what is happening on Kony. In all of this chaos, Russell broke down and I don’t blame him.

What if you were in his shoes? You suddenly have the most viral video on the planet and everyone is trying to get you live on camera. You have a huge devoted following, but you also have haters who want to see your life fall into pieces. Can you imagine the temptation Russell has felt? In our own lives, when we seem to be doing good and life is swell, isn’t that the time where something bad tries to happen? Russell did not simply “give in” to temptation, he has fought so hard to the point of exhaustion and delusion.

His wife knows his heart and asked the press and everyone to leave him alone and let her worry about his [Russell’s] heart. She knows that to allow Russell’s exhaustion and bad choices to overshadow all that Kony 2012 has done is the worst thing that could happen. Let’s show grace, support Russell and his goal for Kony 2012. Let’s show compassion, knowing that in times of extreme pressure and stress, we too have given in to temptation.

We are human. Russell is human. We want to see good prevail. Let’s keep the happy ending going and move forward in support.

To Write Love On Her Arms Support Letter for Russell:


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