Thoughts on Those Against Invisible Children and Kony 2012

In less than a month Invisible Children’s “KONY 2012” YouTube video has garnered over 80 million views with their Vimeo account adding another 20 million views. This does not include views on other platforms, sites, and plagerized uploads of the documentary. With all the views combined, Kony 2012 is now the most viral video ever! WOW! This is a movement. This is change. This is war.

In the days following the release of the documentary, there has been many setbacks. People are out to make sure that Invisible Children does not have a happy ending. Tumbler site, “Visible Children,” made many posts on the mishandling of donations and finances within the Invisible Children organization. Ugandans and others protested against the documentary fearing now more children were at risk with such a huge exposure. Some Ugandans even went on to say that Invisible Children has it all wrong and needs to butt out. Then, on Friday, March 16th, co-founder, Jason Russell, was detained when he was caught intoxicated in public and making suggestive moves. Something is defintely going on . . .

When something good happens, there is obviously evil that will follow close behind. I feel that this is the case with Invisible Children and especially Russel. Can you imagine the pressure on him and his family? I can imagine that his life since the documentary’s release has been anything but peaceful and sane. People are out to sabotage him, his co-workers and any people who support Invisible Children.

I don’t know if Invisible Children does everything right, nor do I expect them to. What I am concerned about is whether good or evil will win in this case. As a Christian, I have to allow my heart to hurt for the pain and suffering Russell and friends have endured for promoting the end to trafficking and kidnapping of children.  We are all human and make mistakes. What Invisible Children is doing does not specifically focus on the LRA leader, Joseph Kony, but on any trafficking and mistreatment of a human being in general. No one should be sold for sex. No one should be forced to kill someone. No child should have to skip their childhood. That is what this is really all about.

“Today we get to decide what’s truly important to us as a society. We determine our priorities. I’ve decided to talk about grace, compassion and the end of injustice. Why? Cuz that’s totally worth talking about.” – Foster.

Lets not allow evil to win. Lets show grace and compassion to Russell and Invisible Children when they get some thigns wrong. After all, haven’t we been dealt a ton of grace already?

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