Words In Motion: The 2011 Tsunami

Today there really are no words to describe what the 2011 Tsunami was like. Instead, I want to show you various videos from that day.  Hopefully all of these will be kept up on YouTube for years to come to help us witness what “in a blink of an eye” is actually like.

I can imagine the beginnings of the wave and the first captures of the waves hitting land.  

The waves continue further and further in.

The tsunami makes its way into the coves, inlets and bays.  

Here is the first video I saw of the 2011 Tsnumani, and the one the left the biggest mark on me.

Wondered what it was like for those in the cars? Watch the above video.

For the last clip, this one made me cringe the most at the end. I wondered if the people actually made it. Thankfully, I read through the comments and found that they all survived. 

While the above video is fake, it is realistic and gives the perspective of what it would like to be a person and get caught up in the waves. This clip is taken from “Hereafter” with Matt Damon.


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