What Takes It Away?

What is your escape?
What dulls the pain?
What takes the bitterness away?
What fills the void?
What boosts your esteem?
What turns that frown upside down?
What’s your anti-depressant?
What starts your day on the right side of the bed?
What tells you everything is going to be okay?

What is something could answer every single question?

It won’t make life perfect, but it will give you hope, meaning and purpose.

You have to put forth the effort and it won’t solve your problems on its own.

There are 66 books I can reccomend and they have changed millions of lives and restored broken families. They are free and you can download them on your Kindle, iPad, or read them on the web.

Get them here and let the Author know I reccomended them for you.

Promise me you will give the books a fighting chance. Don’t be judgemental and just enjoy it.

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