I cannot believe that I have posted every day for the past year . . . okay, 60 days. It started off as just a month goal and quickly grew into posting every day for a year. Along the way there have been days that I have wanted to quit. Today was one of those. I am always about quality of quantity, and today I struggled with the thought that some of my posts are not up to par. However, there is no way every single post for an entire year can be a winner. So, I am contemplating cutting down to a few posts per week. This will up the quality of what I write and give me some time to get more creative. Until I make a decision, I will continue to post things daily. Thoughts?


  1. I think posting every day is great, but maybe having a theme for each day. You can have lighter days during th week donuts something short and sweet and other days you can pour more into. Schedule it out ahead of time.

    I have the WordPress app on my iPhone and it helps me get y ideas down quickly and schedule posts ahead of time so I can stay organized.

    Just an idea!

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