Caught of Guard

Tonight was quite the eventful night. Tornadoes have hit most of the eastern side of the US and caused a ton of damage. For the first time, however, I was caught extremely off-guard. I knew storms were on the way, but the news made it seem to me like it would be well after midnight before anything happened. So, I paid no attention to it.

I was out to dinner with a few friends and we were leaving to head back north towards Alpharetta. I was alone and noticed how it was lightning everywhere. Still, I thought the worst was still hours away. As soon as I got in the car and began to drive north, huge drops of rain began to hit the windshield. The next thing I knew the sky was falling and I could not see the road. I missed a road I meant to turn off of and at the moment I reached downtown Alpharetta I pulled over. I could hear the tornado sirens going off and I realized I was right next to work. I quickly did a U-Turn and pulled into the parking lot and went inside to take cover.

If you know me, you would know that I love storms. I have always wanted to be a storm chaser, but the math side of it just did not work out in my favor. So, whenever bad weather is on the way, you can count on it that I know everything that is happening and have the radar up.

But tonight was different and it was not a bad thing. Tornados do not usually go through the areas it did tonight, so it was quite the event. Luckily, it did not seem like it did much damage around the metro area, but it did towards west Georgia. It is still not over yet, so we will see.

What I am reminded of tonight is that I am not in control of things. God is. If I can trust in him, than all anxieties, fears, failures, and pain are in his hands.

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