Don’t Let Your Sins Dash Your Creativity

There is always a learning curve when you become a Christian.  We over complicate Christianity most times and forget that when it comes down to it, it is all about relationship and nothing more. It is about our relationship with our Heavenly Father and our relationship with others. The language, the lingo, the dos and donts. It is the human-side of things that are not written in stone, and it is the humans who royally mess it up.

Christianity is not about laws, traditions, and methods of cleansing. Jesus put an end to that with his life and death. These are some words that are true of Christianity, but often forgotten: relationship, growth, wisdom, celebration, mourning, laughter and tears.

When you read the Bible, don’t you ever wonder why our faith seems to be so different? It is because we don’t know how to let go and live and let God be the one who is in control. Most times were more like the Pharisees, and if not them, we are more like a Christian Atheist. We say there is a God and build a false facade, but behind the wall there is no faith in our hearts.

In some churches, their way of drawing people towards Christ and away from sin is squandering creativity. The music becomes more bland or irrelevant and the programming becomes very clear-cut and void of any heart. Where God is alive is where there is a body of believers who just breathe and leave God to do the rest in their spiritual lives. They use all their faults and failures and let him build a wonderful story out of them. They praise God in their own way. They worship him through methods that bring Him the most glory and honor. In return, our hearts become more soft and moldable and we begin to become more disciplined in all aspects of our lives. Legalism leads to more heartache, but the spurring of creativity and the reality of the human heart leads to stronger faith and an abundance in wisdom.

Find a church that allows you to use your gifts. Find a church full of color and warmth. Find a church that worships beyond a piano or drum-set. Find a church that thirsts after God. Find a church that believers can’t wait to study and meet. Find a church that is more concerned about your heart than about fixing you.

Let your gifts flow from your heart and there you will find God.

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