The Reason for Leaping this Year

So today is an informative post. Just like Boxing Day, Leap Year tends to be one of the memorable dates that we have no clue what it is all about. I decided to dig in and do some research, and discovered it has to do with our calendar system. Of course!

Thanks to Julius Caesar, we have the calendar we have today. If we did not, we would be adding months to the calendar each 2-3 years. The old Roman calendar was based on the Lunar month which is 29.5 days. The Julian calendar is 265 days and 6 hours long. Why? Caesar knew that Earth didn’t rotate around the sun in precisely 365 days, but that It actually took about 365.25 days. Thus, there is a 25%-day error every year and Leap Year makes up for that. February is the month that leap year occurs because February used to be the beginning of the year.

For those whose birthdays fall on Leap Day, they age 1 year every four years! Well, that is not exactly true . . . People like to say they celebrate


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