Thoughts For A New Day

These are ten quick thoughts on starting a day off right. I am sure I could write more, but these will do just fine!

The moment we take our lives for granted is the moment that we wake up and don’t thank God for life.

If we really believed that what we have is a gift, than we would live each day to its fullest.

Starting the day off thanking God is the best way to keep your pride in check.

The way to ensure you will not be satisfied at the end of the day is whether you started it off in thankfulness and anticipation.

Beginning with prayer is the best start to making wise decisions. 

Starting off with memorizing and reciting scripture will make sure you meditate on His’ word throughout the day.

Even days that end very dark and somber, you are promised a clean slate in the morning.

Praying through your prayer journal in the morning will ensure that your heart will be outward focused rather than inward.

Getting down on your knees before you start the day shows who you honor above all things.

Opening up your Bible in the morning and brewing a cup of coffee or tea will result is one of the best counseling you can receive.


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