The Thrill

With the sales reports from Christmas spending you would never guess that our economy is struggling so much. Spending is on the rise in America and I believe there is a significant reason why. We are tired of the hardships. We are tired of being in the desert and we are ready for some relief.

Disney, Universal and Sea World all reported an increase in theme park attendance in 2011. Why? Because people were wanting an escape from reality. We are ready to be out of this rut. But we can’t keep on running from what chases us. We must face our own fantasyland. Confronting that hardships and the things that we don’t want to deal with will lead to a better and lasting adventure. Letting go of the quick pleasures, not saying we can’t enjoy the vacation or two, and embracing a life of freeing our generation and hte generations to come from bondage and debt. The only change and good that can happen is when we place our trust in God. Through him, justice happens and freedom wins. Every act of despair and every tear will be wiped away when our life is not living for the day-to-day, but for Him.

Leave Fantasyland and enjoy the real Adventureland.

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