Two Steps Forward & One Step Back

How many times do you find yourself taking one step forward, only to fall many steps back? According to the world, our whole life is centered around the pursuit of happiness. As Christians, we know that there is no end point to happiness here on earth. We know that our purpose is to discover and know our creator and to pursue godliness. As He reveals more of himself to us, the beauty of the world and life also unveils itself to us. Only through obedience and moving towards the character of Christ can we find the goodness in our everyday lives and peace in difficult circumstances.

When we begin to search for good and stability in our lives, we find that outside of God there are many things that look, feel, smell and taste good. We end up abusing the good, and discover that, in our control, good does not always satisfy us. In doing so, we often choose our own emotions and wants over the wisdom of the Bible. We choose to allow our emotions dictate our happiness and success in life. We work hard to find value, happiness, and reason from the wisdom of man. We keep searching and searching for that ultimate fulfillment, only we never find it.

The method of two steps forward and one step back is like a little sign to us that we are heading in the right direction. It is our human attempt to trust in God while having to learn to let go our own wants and desires. Because we are prone to sin, we will always have times of failures, but, when we choose to follow God, we will discover that the times of failure and all the guilt and shame that comes with it, decreases, and goodness and joy increase.

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