How to Tell That God’s Up to Something

As Christians, we more often than not do our own thing rather than listen to God. When we’ve done our own thing for far too long, God usually does things to reel us back in. Here are some ways you just know:

– You tear up at the drop of a bucket
– Last Sunday’s message stays with you the whole week
– You turn back to your Christian radio station, even if it is for just one song.
– You actually pray before you go to sleep
– You notice the sunrise
– You think about the last night of BigStuf Camps or any church retreat
– You run into someone from your old youth group in person or via Facebook
– You accidentally play a BigStuf Camps CD and end up listening to the whole thing
– You drive by your old church more than once that week
– You find yourself laughing one minute at something and all of a sudden crying . . . and you are a dude!
– You hear more of students struggling and in need of prayer and it reminds you of the bonds you made in youth group
– You find your Bible and it really does have dust on it

What are ways you just know that God is up to something?

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