The Clock That Never Strikes Midnight

One of the hardest times in our lives is when we lose our innocence. Growing up is never fun, especially the middle school years when our hormones begin to kick in. This is the time of life when the fantasy begins to fade, and reality uproots itself and takes over. Suddenly, the castles you could stay safe in, turn into little straw huts. Time began to make sense and our appearance began to matter. Little details that we once overlooked as children begin to manifest themselves into something bigger, such as why Mom no longer loves Dad or why we live in a lower-income house when everyone else has a three-car garage.

Losing our youth is a harsh thing that some people spend the rest of their lives trying to get back. There are men in their forties who are still single playing video games and women in their thirties who swoon over Justin Bieber. Some people go every weekend to Disney World and some still shop for clothes at American Eagle, Limited Too and Hollister well into late adulthood. And I don’t even need to mention the Twilight, Harry Potter and Hunger Game craze that has captivated the world.

This phenomenon of never growing up is quite new to America, but is common to post-modern countries. Looking at ancient Rome, we can find people who relished lives of fantasy. Men behaved foolishly, finding younger women to replace their aging wives. People constantly filled their lives with feasts, dancing, and drama. Life was a party in ancient Rome before it fell. It was a great big selfish society where everyone walked around holding a mirror so they could always see their reflection. Now that we are well into become a post-modern society, we too are beginning to hold up our own mirrors. We want to remain free of any responsibility and commitment. We don’t want to grow up. We don’t want to be adults. We are the Peter Pan generation.


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