Don’t let Valentine’s Day Be Just A Cliché

I went to the store to grab dinner tonight and was totally confuzed by the amount of men walking fast, no, running, into the grocery store and out with a box of chocolates, flowers and stuffed bears. Then it hit me, it must be Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Tomorrow, it will either be the most wonderful time of the year for you lovebirds, or the worst day for us single folks. Regardless of the emotions felt towards this holiday, it is the time were we can give thanks to those special folks in our lives.

I’ve wrestled over the years as to how I feel about Valentine’s Day, and what I’ve concluded at this point is that I should never just buy flowers as a cliché, but out of respect for whomever my future spouse will be. They are not just an object, but a sign of commitment. So come on men, let’s step it up and show our special someone that they are important and they are needed.

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