Explore For A Better Life

Recently friends and long-lost friends have chatted about our experiences together traveling the world. I have had some amazing experiences and it saddens me to think that this fast-paced American life has caused me to forget all the fun I’ve had. At times I have considered myself a modern-day Indiana Jones, seek thrills, but often the thrills seek me.

I have been to Kenya, Jamaica, Hawaii and Haiti. I have climbed a volcano, sky dived, killed and eaten goat, cliff-dived (into water), fallen down a mountain, hung off the edge of a cliff, hiked to remote caves and water falls, did garbage duty for a city in Kenya, got stuck in the middle of a Safari and had to be rescued, snuck up on some water buffalo, sprained my ankle in a Kenyan marketplace, snorkeled in the Caribbean, parasailed, inadvertently participated in a roller-coaster marathon for a commercial shoot and more . . .

These little adventures have occurred only in the last 5 years.

When you put down iPhone, shut of your computer and head outside, you never know what adventures might await. . .

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