Life as a Sitcom

Remember the days of Friends, Mad About You, Seinfeld, Home Improvement and Fraiser? Well . . . they’re back. I’ve been reading about how sitcoms are quickly taking over your television. Why? The economy is to thank for our search for comedy in a time of financial tragedy. We like to laugh in times where we are struggling to make ends meet.

All the drama shows are not cutting it like they used to. They were great when we were care free and needed some disenchantment in our lives, but now that reality has set in, life is not so grand. All major television networks have reported that sitcoms are their number one shows and, in most cases,  the sitcoms are all ahead of drama television shows in ratings.

Sitcoms reflect the life we desire without all of the drama. They are more realistic, lacking vampires, superheroes and the supernatural. Most are set in the typical American household with the main characters working a typical American job. They are almost the same as you and I, with the exception that somehow they tend to be able to create an entertaining story for each episode. My show would probably be only one season long. Yeah, my life is boring.

So, what does all this newfound success tell us? We need a family that laughs at our flaws and surrounds each other in time of need. We need to trust in times of uncertainty. We need to understand that our lives are perfectly normal and that life is no fairy tale.

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