January 2012 in Review

I meant to post this sooner, but I wanted to take some time to reflect back on the past month! I can not believe I have been posting every day so far this year. While the quality of each post ranges, my hope is that I keep on posting every day and the best as possible. If I feel like my posts are going to continually be sub par, I’ll stop and do a few posts per week verses daily. Below are some of my favorite posts. Check ’em out!

My Top 5
The best of the best of January!

1. Step Up!: http://wp.me/pgJFa-jJ

This post was a little edgy for me. It shows a cocky side of myself that I am not used to showing. With its success as being the most read post ever, I think it has made me more comfortable with blogging with real emotion. No holding back baby!

2. Your Life Does Not Have to Amount to Anything: http://wp.me/pgJFa-jx

This post was more speaking to myself in a time of frustration. Why were things not going my way? Am I where I want to be in life? It was a very selfish post from this very selfish guy named Trent . . . mmm . . . that’s me.

3.Rescue Me, Help Me, Save Me: http://wp.me/pgJFa-jn

This post occurred when I became frustrated with the tweets I read to celebrities from their fans. It shocked me to see how people looked at these people as gods and their ticket to a better life. Many youngsters who have posted videos of themselves before committing suicide often leave a message to their favorite artist . . usually Lady Gaga.

4. Invest in Me: http://wp.me/pgJFa-ie

This blog post was when I was frustrated with where I was at in life. It was when I was desperate to be poured into and needed guidance. I was probably more frustrated at the fact that my generation is not often given a chance to prove themselves and freely be creative.

5. My Soul, My Soul, Bring Thee Alive: http://wp.me/pgJFa-kg

This is a new territory I am trekking. . . poetry. But when it happens, it comes from the heart. I am happy with this poem and feel like I can definitely adjust it over time and really make it awesome.

The Ugly Duckling(s)
These posts, I felt, did not get the attention they deserved.

1. Bikes = Life for Millions: http://wp.me/pgJFa-kG

This post, I feel, got forgotten in the mix. It talks about an organization I support called Bicycles for Humanity and it got very few views. I deserves so much more! Give it a chance and see why.

2. Love is Real and I Have Seriously Misjudged It: http://wp.me/pgJFa-kO

This post was towards the end of the month. It was real and about who I was choosing to trust: the world or the creator of everything. See also my post, “Two Ways”: http://wp.me/pgJFa-kQ.

Tha Word
These posts were creative, in my opinion, and really came from the heart. They usually included scripture in it and came at a time when I felt the words I wrote the most.

1. How Quickly the Mind Deceives: http://wp.me/pgJFa-jY

This post happened on one of the days that I was just beating myself up. I was hard on myself like I usually am and needed something to turn it around.

2. 21,600 Gifts a Day: http://wp.me/pgJFa-k0

Sometimes we just need to stop and remember who lets this day even happen at all.


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