Boy, Be A Man.


“Fear not, Trent, I am making you a man of God.”

That is what I am hearing from God in this season. He is not making me a young adult or a transitioning adolescent, but a man. I’ve realized lately that it has been in recent centuries that the adolescent stage of live was created. An invention of the industrial age and modern times, adolescence was created to allow kids to remain kids longer. We chose to forgo responsibility and spend 5-10 more years spoiled by our parents.
Adolescence has only grown to represent those even as old as 30, with the 20s being the decade of independence and trials and failures without consequences. a critical time of learning and growing has been lost to a time of partying and adventures with studying on the side. More people are graduating more lost and confused than ever before.
Where is the line drawn? When do we just simply grow up? I don’t want to be labeled an adolescent or young adult. I am ready to be a man.

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