I Am Really Eating My Words Y’all

Tonight is a simple post. Nothing grand or special. It is a simple and humble confession that what I am writing is just as much for more own well-being, if not more. In a post to come I will talk a little more about these last few weeks and the word “commitment.” Commitment is the theme I have given for 2012. It is a question, action, lifestyle, belief . . . yada yada.

What I have discovered this month is that I can be committed to one of two things: Christ or myself. There is a huge difference between the two as you can imagine. My confession is that I have been committed more to myself in the past weeks and it happened quite unintentionally. I just wanted to let you know that I am human, and that I do make mistakes and do have my tumbles and falls. I will be a little selfish in saying that God has me in his arms and will not let me go. No matter how much I try to go my own way at times and put the focus on my wants and needs, he always turns me right around to him.

I am excited for what is ahead, and what all I get to reveal to you in the coming months. I have committed to blogging for an entire year, which means you will see me at my best and worst. You’ll discover that I will get discouraged and will fall prey to temptation. But what I hope you will see is a struggle towards righteousness and godliness. For a life that is for anything other than the pursuit of godliness, is not a life at all.

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