Step Up!

I must apologize to the girl I was rude to yesterday, it happened when I was getting a smoothie. I knew exactly what I wanted when I walked in to the store, and saw there was a girl just standing in the middle of me and the register.

“Are you in line?,” I asked.

No sooner had those words come out, did I think that she must have thought I was the devil. She nearly jumped ten feet in the air. Then, slowly like a sloth, she turned her head towards me and said a mixture of words that I could not understand. I furrowed my brow in confusion.

“Ummm, so you are getting something?”

She nodded insecurely.

“Sweet,” I replied with a half-smile and awkward laugh.

So, why are you not moving forward closer to the register, and replacing this awkward gap, one that causes me to ask you this question that obviously made you uncomfortable in the first place. Gah! Now I’ve practically made a run-on sentence in my mind! Trent, seriously, where is this ‘tude coming from?

I pretended to check my phone like twenty times as Awkward Angela and I waited for the only worker to get our orders, and finish the four he had. At last he got our orders and what did sweet Angela do? Stop in the middle of the room . . . again. I started to walk over towards the pick up area, but there was some sort of invisible barrier that prevented me from passing Angela. You know, the etiquette barrier. So, I awkwardly joined her in the middle of the room yet again, about ten feet from the pick-up register.

Two other guys had entered the store, and as we all waited for our smoothies, these two guys joined us in the middle of the room.

Mind the gap Angela! Mind the gap!

No sooner had those words crossed my mind, then she walked up to the register. I made sure the distance between her and I was not the awkward 10 feet, but the safe 4 feet. Any closer and it would be an invasion of privacy. Any further away, and it would be an inconvenience and awkward embarrassment to us all. I looked behind and noticed the two other guys behind us were unquestionably the awkward 10 feet.

Get Me Outta Here!

Why am I being so hard on Sweet Angie? Because, she is so much more of a person than the way she was acting in there. She seemed so insecure and socially inept. I honestly was frustrated because I saw much of myself in her when I was that age. Too scared to step out and step up. Too scared to speak to people because I was afraid of not embarrassing myself, but being a hinderance to the person I spoke to. I hated calling people and especially any type of sales call.

I don’t want Angela to be insecure, yet I don’t want her to be too cocky. I want her to be confident, caring and light up the room with her presence. I wish this for her because I wish I had been that myself at her age. Not a people pleaser, but an affirmer and confidant in a world that is always about self-comfort and not stepping into anyone’s box.

Did I say anything else to her? No. Did I do anything to lighten the situation? No. It was more of a reminder of myself, my heart, where I had came from and where I am heading. I am here for all the Awakward Angelas and Trents. I am here to bring them hope and confidence.

The smoothie was great!

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