God, Please…I Haven’t Done A Thing.

Sometimes you get that feeling that God is up to something. It is really quite unexpected, and quite reassuring of how great He is and how ungrateful we can be. I feel like a lot of times I start a blog of with how I was driving home and thought of the topic, but seriously…that is the time when I think inspiration hits for all of us.

Tonight, as I was driving home it hit me that God is up to something. The thing is, I haven’t even asked him to do anything, let alone spend much time with him. Why? Why give me any time when I have been such a failure at giving you anything this week? I felt like screaming at him “stoppit!” I am so unworthy for any attention from him right now. But, I will take it, knowing that I am heading in a good direction, one that inevitably leads me to Him and his provisions. He does it. All the time. Leads me back to him and won’t let me go.

I am his. I am his son. He won’t stop loving me. Love. I’ll take it.

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