Your Life Doesn’t Have to Amount to Anything

Today as I was driving home I thought about life. I mean, who doesn’t think about life, right? But I thought about finding meaning in life and how we find meaning in our jobs. Some people look to stardom as the meaning for life (see a post I did a few days ago on the Bieber family). Some people give up everything and serve overseas. Some people join the military and serve the country for the rest of their lives. Some people are perfectly content with working their entire lives in a cubicle. But there is an urge in our generation and maybe even the one before us, that we deserve more out of our life. I am not quite sure this is true.

Brother Lawrence, a French monk, wrote a book called, The Practice of the Presence of God. In this short book, he tells of how he lived for the glory of God. You may be thinking that it is easy to live for the glory of God as a monk, right? Brother Lawrence spent most of his life cooking in the kitchen. He never got out, he never joined a small group or went to a Billy Graham Crusade or Passion Conference. He simply found God in cooking and cleaning. He never actually talked to many people, he just kept to himself. Behind-the-scenes. Serving. No recognition.

Like much of today’s young generation, you may be screaming, “my life is supposed to count,” or “I’ve got to go all out for Jesus!” The thing is, we are not here for us. We are not here to make our name famous. We are not the beginning and end. We are simply a piece of the puzzle. As hard as it may seem, God may call us to simply cook and clean our entire lives. We’ve got to discover this. We’ve got to be okay with this. We’ve got to let go and give in.

How can I best serve God with what I am doing? How can I enjoy it in a work environment that I totally hate? Brother Lawrence has the mindset that we ought to have. He meditated day and night. He constantly talked to God. Did he necessarily isolate himself? I don’t believe so. I believe that if he had the chance he would love and share the gospel without thinking. He simply held no weight on earthly desires and wants. He placed it all in things eternal.

Now, if you are like me, this is hard to chew. I am surrounded by my MacBook, iPad, Kindle Fire and smart phone. I am not the prime example on what I just wrote. But what I believe God is trying to tell me is that I need to not “shoot for the stars” or “seek fame.” I need to seek Him. I need to seek giving him glory in my everyday, mundane activities (job, exercise, commute, ect). If life truly flows from God, then every breath I give should be spent praising him.

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