No, I did not use profanity in my blog title. Chances are you didn’t see this post when it was initially posted. Today, many of the biggest websites boycotted and protested the proposed S.O.P.A. (Stop Online Piracy Act) bill that would censor anything the government felt broke copyright, was illegal or was not good for us. Seriously!

If you came to read this post, most likely you just got a black page representing  the void that would be if this act were to pass. Much of YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites would shut down. Wikipedia would be forced to close as well as photo sharing sites such as Instagram, TwitPic, Flickr and Pinterest would be shut down.

If someone were to post a video, song, lyrics, book excerpt that they do not own, the government would sue Facebook or whichever site it is on and block access to the site. Sound drastic? Well, if these sites were willing to shut down today and plea to the world for help then it must be serious!

Think about it. Our creativity would be censored. Many of the stuff in my blogs would probably come up in a government search engine as plagiarised. The thing is, there is nothing new under the sun. There is bound to be many things in this blog that has been repeated, let alone copyrighted by some person or company. So, not only would I be shut down, the government would sue WordPress for allowing my blog to be hosted on their site.

Doesn’t this seem very communist-like? Where is the freedom of speech? Where is the democracy? Where is the line drawn? As we become more and more connected to technology, the government will need to think of a better and more logical way to stop online piracy. We are not China and North Korea. Don’t censor. Go after the real thieves.


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