Things Are Lookin’ Up Chuck!

Today I wondered what it would be like to be optimistic. Not just temporarily, but all the time. Is it the same as being content? No. Optimism is more of being positive in all aspects of a situation. For example, a friend may be horrible at mathematics and has a final exam coming up. Logically he probably will get a C on the exam, which to a majority is not that bad. Instead of presenting the worst possible scenario to my friend, I try to place a little light in the darkness and say, “You’ve studied hard! Just use what you’ve learned and do your best! You are smart!” Now. That probably could have counted as encouragement, but the last sentence switched it over to optimism because you are partially telling a fib. Your friend is not a good mathematician and is not smart in that field, BUT, he is smart in literature and gaming. So it was mere optimism. Optimism that he will discover that math is not his strong point and move on, and optimism that maybe your conscience will feel good for pumping up your pal’s self-esteem so when he discovers he stinks at mathematics his self-esteem won’t drop as low.

So I am optimistic. I am optimistic that these bills will be cheaper. I am optimistic my car won’t get any more scratches. I’m optimistic my body will be ripped till I am buried in a grave.

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