Rescue Me, Help Me, Save Me

Today we announced Pattie Mallette, mom to America’s biggest pop star, is coming to BigStuf Daytona. After the news was announced, I decided to do a little research on what people thought of her. It was quite shocking.

Pattie Mallette experienced motherhood in her teens with a high school boyfriend. Baby Bieber was born, and both mom and dad tried to stick through the teenage years, but divorced when Justin was two. Pattie has a lot of issues she dealt with as a teen, and today she is particularly vocal about her rocky road and how God got her and Justin to where she is now.

Digging deeper, I saw that she has quite the following; one that would rival the motherhood figure, Lady Gaga. As I read tweets sent from her over 800,000 twitter fans, I saw a sickening trend. People were tweeting for help, rescue and hope of a better life. Many tweets read, “If you or Justin could respond to me, I could get somewhere.” Many people’s twitter account descriptions often said they “were going to be someone someday” or that “their time was coming” and Justin and Pattie were their inspiration. I wonder how many people who tweeted to both Justin and Pattie had contemplated suicide. Yeah, they were that desperate.

I decided to look even deeper and discovered that many users tweeted not once, not twice, but up to a dozen times or more a day to Justin and his Mom. They saw Justin and Mama Bieber as saviors. I wondered if Pattie’s blatant posts about her faith are backfiring. Are people not seeing God in her tweets? Why are they making her a god?

I can only imagine what Pattie thinks. Not only does she have to care for Justin and his future amidst stardom, she has to navigate through her own life. I wonder if she actually reads all the tweets. If I did, I would surely be depressed and broken at all the despair.

My eyes have been opened today. America is not looking for the savior, but a savior that will get them through the day. It is as if there are temporary gods. These gods get you to where you want and then they are useless. Maybe in the minds of some, they are trying to end up as gods themselves. Some would give their lives to be a savior for a day; for everyone to look up to them. They would teach their “followers” what they learned from their mistakes. They would feed the hungry. They would find clothes for the naked. They would live rich and give much. And with the wave of a hand and barely a breath, they would thank “god” to assure fans and followers that they did have a soul.

Am I saying Pattie and Justin are like this? By all means, no! What I am saying is that I fear that this is what the mindset of American youth is coming to. They are searching in all the wrong places. They are searching in temporary things. Yes, they desire to do good. Yes they will do extraordinary things. But all of the good will mean nothing when it comes to who is getting the glory and who gets to experience that glory. God is the glory. He is the one who should receive it. He is the hope. He is the rescue. He is the help. He is the Savior.

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