Ties Are Still All The Rage

Today I was driving from my cousin’s cycling race and as I passed a church on every corner I noticed something. It should not have been that shocking. And maybe it is a little embarrassing. I saw pulling out of the parking lot a person in their car wearing a tie. I mean, who still dresses up in a tie and suit for church, right?

I know! I am half being sarcastic and also half serious. I am so used to the churches around me being in the mindset that I forget that outside our mega-church bubble is the 95% of America that still wear their “Sunday best.” Should I feel like I am any closer to God because I come “just as I am?” Are they better because they dress better? Why am I even asking these questions? I think of how naive I have been. Maybe I treat church like I do with the newest Apple and gaming trends. I keep seeking the better production, the better sermon, the better building and the better God encounter. Maybe that is why I can get so dissatisfied sometimes with the church, because I treat it as if I am the center of the universe.

The thing is that I was made for God. I am here for Him. What if all the production, million-dollar buildings, and perfectly crafted sermons were gone? Would I still love God? Could I still be a Christian? I mean, the thought is not that drastic. Many Christians leave their faith during college because the “satisfaction” of church wears off. There are more shiny things to catch their attention.

As I saw more people getting out of church, I felt a little jealous. It was easier when I used to go to churches where people wore ties to be more focused on God. Less lights, fewer distractions and less “me.” Then I thought, that it really is not the fault of the churches, it is mine. I have the choice to seek a shallow and selfish faith or faith that is deep and selfless. If faith comes easy then the chances are that I have very little faith at all.


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