My “Go-Go” Juice is Going to Help Me Win!

Here is the stitch.

I’m an emotional eater.

I have no idea how it got this way, but I can probably trace it back to the early middle school years. I have a love for food. I mean, not a serious love, but we have a close relationship. These past few days our relationship has been rocky. I am nearing the end of an extensive period of working out. Since early November, I have had no break from exercising, and I have finally hit a wall. I am not giving up, however, and I am still pushing through. Instead of falling apart during this time I have actually been analyzing myself.

Why do I eat the way I do?

Why do such strong emotions overcome me?

Why does food seem to be the “go to” food?

Why is coffee my “go-go juice”?

For example, there are times (not frequently) where I just can’t get something out of my head. Coffee usually headlines my emotional outbursts, and I usually fall victim to it whether I drink it or not. If I drink the coffee, I usually end up dancing around my desk, have sudden giggle outbursts, and usually end up bobbing my head to the newest radio hit. If I don’t have coffee, I am rolling around on the floor, impersonating Gollum, or crying at the car in front of me as I wait in evening traffic on 400.Sometimes I go from laughing to depression to laughter. Sometimes I have sudden outbursts that cause me to wonder if there is a little bit of Turret’s syndrome or autism in me. Believe me, if you filmed me, you’d probably have hours of laughter.

But seriously. As I hit these final few two weeks of my 90-day journey, I have found that shedding the pounds and having ripped abs is not as easy. My diet has not supported my exercise routine, and as a result, I may have built a lot more muscle, but what some call the “stubborn fat” has just not worn off. Don’t worry, I am highly confident that it will burn away, I am less concerned for myself and more intrigued as to the thought that if I have had this much trouble burning off the fat, how the rest of America is faring. The answer to me is becoming more and more clear. Diet. Not diet as in Weight Watchers and South Beach (which do work), but as in what is going in.

When I juiced, life was so much better. Did I juice the correct way the whole time? No. In fact, I think there were times I literally starved myself. What I discovered when I did juice right was that my body was satisfied, I slept exceptionally well and my body looked impressive. Since then, I have held off most of the weight, but everything else fell back into where it was before. I have trouble sleeping at night, my emotions go up and down, and my skin doesn’t look as healthy as it did when I juiced.

So what am I doing to fix this? I am doing what I started out to do. Commit to a healthier and happier me. Cutting out the junk food and as much coffee as possible (cue Gollum impersonation). I was committed to a 40 day juice fast. I am committed to finishing this 90 day workout. Next, I am committed to something even more drastic. While I am positive what the next thing I am going to commit to is, you are going to have to wait.

My hope is that I can figure out tips and tricks to get healthier faster and with less work. I have seen both sides of the spectrum. You can juice without exercising and lose weight. But what I have learned with exercising is that to lose the weight, you have to eat right. Otherwise, you are counteracting the calories you are burning off when you eat meats, dairy and other macro-nutrients. I hope that I can help you reach your goals. It is not easy. It is harder than anything you have ever done, but it is possible! And while it may seem cliché, with God all things are possible. That last sentence has been the only thing to hold my life together in these past months.

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