Wax On, Wax Off

Okay, random rant. I mean, really random rant.

When you buy that inorganic fruit or veggie from the grocery store, you may notice that many of the produce seem shiny and kind of waxy. Mom said, “it’s to bring out the color and make them look nicer.”


No. What is happening is that stuff was used to protect the fruit and veggies from insects. Thus they sprayed whatever that substance is to protect it (which we are eating). Then they periodically sprayed pesticides and other chemicals on the foods (which we eat). Is it too far-fetched to think that whatever that waxy film that covers our fruits and vegetables might be absorbing the chemicals that were sprayed on it (that we eat).

Can you imagine what preservatives and chemicals are lining our stomaches and organs?

I mean, we are what we eat! How hard is that to really understand?

Also, can’t you taste the difference? Waxy or Fresh? There are times when my teeth squeak when I bite into that apple. That aint right! The only thing that should squeak is a mouse.

Kroger! Your amazing prices and Starbucks kiosks don’t fool me! Publix, your clean floor and nice old workers don’t fool me!

Round-house kick to the man!

But. Honestly, I have no choice. I have to eat what I can and as healthy as I can. I wonder if we are living the way God intended. Are we really taking care of the earth when most of what we put into ourselves is processed and made of ingredients we don’t know?

It’s the small things.
It’s in the choices.
It’s budgeting when to pick the organic items and when to give into to Kroger’s schemes and get the inorganic stuff.
We can win this war.
One squeaky bite at a time!

[Haha. What a crazy post.] 

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